• Telematic is like a Fitbit for your car

It monitors your driving behavior and provides feedback based upon your safe driving habits

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The Telematic UBI SaaS Platform

Shrinking margins, increased churn, and the constant threat of disruption. Now more than ever, staying at parity with the competition is essential. We are here to help.

UBI made easy

UBI program implementations are typically very time and resource intensive. Our SaaS solution fast forwards your implementation -- you can have a UBI program up and running in weeks, not years.

Smartphone based

Traditional hardware based telematic offerings suffer from high cost and high provisioning overhead. Our smartphone based solution is much more cost efficient, and can offer insights a dongle can't.

Real time streaming analytics and event identification

All driving data is processed in real time in the cloud, reducing smartphone battery drain. This centralized hub and spoke architecture also ensures algorithmic and functional consistency across all of your insureds.

Branded driver dashboard app

Our stylish native dashboard app offers daily, weekly, and monthly metrics, and scores the individual relative to all your insureds -- a more subtle form of gamification.

Data access API

Full raw data sets, events, and analytics - all available via the Telematic API.

Clustered, scalable and highly performant

Using proven big data technologies, the Telematic platform can easily land and process enormous amounts of streaming data, all in real time.

Custom analytics available on request

Implementing your custom algorithms is a breeze due to the highly configurable design of the Telematic platform.

Added context via 3rd party data sources (coming soon)

Data without context is only part of the picture. Weather, speed limits, and traffic flow can provide added insight into your insureds driving behavior.

Surprise and delight

This is your new channel for meaningful engagement. Time and location based incentives foster loyalty and reinforce your brand. Your UBI program can be so much more than a pricing tool -- ask us how!

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We love what we do, and it shows. We view every day as a new opportunity to do something interesting and meaningful. We L-O-V-E problems -- we think of them as an opportunities to challenge ourselves and rise to the occasion with insightful, clever solutions.


We are, by nature, curious people. We love to learn, and we view everyone we meet as someone who knows something we don't.

The telematic team is co-lead by two dynamic leaders with over seventeen years combined insurance industry experience and over fifty years technical expertise in all things data. Data engineer and developer guru, Tom Yates has joined forces with CEO, actuary, researcher, and strategist, Marti Ryan. Together they bring street smart experience using cutting edge technology tools to solve clients' problems. With midwestern roots from Iowa and Illinois, and their hard-working, roll-up your sleeves work ethic, they have created an innovative SaaS platform using the latest open-source technologies and best forward thinking.

Super creative heroes

Our team

Marti Ryan


Marti Ryan is both right and left brained and has a knack for trends. Trained as an actuary for the first seven years of her financial industries career and with over twenty five years of research and data analysis experience, Marti excels at creative, realistic solutions. Marti was recently CEO/COO of a national market research and consulting business. She has the ability to spin several plates, provide five star service and keep a smile on her face. When Marti’s not “in the office” she likes to swim, hike, read, and cook for friends and family. More about Marti’s career experience.

Thomas Yates


Tom has always been interested in the "how". As a child, he would get a new cassette tape recorder every year for Christmas. Every year, he would take it apart, to reverse engineer how it worked. Fast forward 40 years, and not much has changed. Tom has been building software for 20 years, 10 of them in the insurance industry. He's got some serious chops. In his spare time, Tom enjoys hanging out with his family, making art, and playing in a no wave band. More about Toms’s career experience.

Work with us


Senior Cassandra Engineer

Like building stuff?
Self motivated?
Love playing with new technologies?

You may be interested in working @ Telematic.

We are looking for a VERY STRONG engineer. Current stack is Android + Kafka + Storm + Cassandra. You will initially support the existing codebase, and then quickly move on to new feature development. You will also be responsible for many DEV OPS tasks. You will drive innovation and research @ Telematic. Should we switch from Storm to Spark? Why? And what about Flink? First and foremost, working at Telematic is about enjoying what you do. Waking up every morning excited to tackle new problems.

If this sounds like your cup of tea, you should definitely get in touch, we would love to talk to you.

Full Stack Intern

Looking for real world experience?
Curious by nature?
Like wearing a lot of different hats?

You may be interested in doing an internship @ Telematic.

We are always looking for folks that like to roll up their sleeves, pitch in and tinker with stuff. Relevant technologies include (but are not limited to): iPhone development, Android, Java, Cassandra, Kafka, Storm, Cassandra, and lots of DEV OPS related things like day to day Linux administration, AWS, Chef, Monit, Snort, Splunk and Docker.

If this sounds like your chalice of club mate, let us know!

interested? get in touch!

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30 West Mifflin St., 6th Floor
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